Commercial Aircraft Solutions


Flight deck systems

Flight Deck System

Our smart electronics are designed to streamline and simplify control of the flight deck environment.


  • Instrument control and panels and modules
  • Master dim and test
  • Radio tuning
  • Audio control and management
  • Caution and warning systems
  • Low-cost production through our global manufacturing network

Detection and alerting systems

  • Proximity sensing
  • Smoke/fire detection and alerting
  • Electronic warning management
  • Stall warning
  • Overspeed warning
  • Pilot alerting
  • Ice detection

Control and monitoring systems

  • Fuel systems and fuel jettison
  • Hydraulic quality and pressure monitor
  • Electronic cargo handling and controllers
  • Airborne power management
  • Emergency door power assist system
  • Overspeed warning
  • Pilot alerting
  • Ice detection

Supported aircraft

  • Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777