Commercial Aircraft Solutions

Attendant Control Panel (ACP)

Our Attendant Control Panel (ACP) makes work easier for flight attendants thanks to its intuitive, configurable, touch-screen display enabling flexible, user-friendly control of a number of cabin and galley functions. Its modular design allows the control panel features to be customized for a wide variety of aircraft interiors. The ACP makes adjusting cabin settings – such as temperature and lighting – easier, and allows crew members to communicate easily, while providing passengers with optimal comfort and service throughout the flight.

Features & benefits

  • Intuitive configuration database generator tool makes it easier to program customizable features for any cabin
  • Designed with a manual switch panel to operate safety-critical functions, such as emergency evacuation and air-stair operation in emergency situations
  • Diagnostics sent to ground crew for fast action and resolutions, reducing costly aircraft downtime.
  • Redundant controls provide “fail-safe” switchover; in multi-panel systems if any panel fails, zone control will automatically be available at another ACP
  • Integrated headsets provide direct input to the flight attendant allowing them to get notification from the passenger address and cabin intercom without being in front of the ACP
  • Easy integration with our cabin control system
  • Relay and relay drivers support a wide variety of system functions including PC power, cell phone system, and work lights, allowing them to be controlled independently

Our ACP makes it easy to control a variety of cabin systems:

  • Speaker drive module
  • Zone management unit
  • Waste water management
  • Passenger address
  • Cabin inter-phone systems
  • Emergency evacuation systems
  • Dimmable windows
  • Cabin lighting
  • Temperature control