Commercial Aircraft Solutions

Flight deck systems designed with pilots in mind

BAE Systems’ smart electronics streamline and simplify pilots’ control of the flight deck environment through intuitive, integrated technologies that ensure optimal aircraft performance.

As the technological interface between pilots and their aircraft, the design and implementation of flight deck systems requires long-term, in-depth understanding of the challenges pilots face, capabilities under their control, and the situations they prepare for and address. Our decades of developing the most advanced control technologies in the industry for pilots and the aircrafts entrusted to them – including an installed base of over 12,000 Boeing aircraft – today make BAE Systems a worldwide leader in flight deck systems.

That industry leadership has grown by advancing cockpit instrumentation and other avionics outfitting new generations of aircraft in production, but our advanced flight deck systems can also update legacy aircraft. Updates with advanced technologies will modernize their capabilities, reinforce flight-critical readiness, and help extend their length of service for carriers.

BAE Systems’ extensive experience helping control the world’s top aircrafts can also be seen in the cutting edge smart electronics behind our integrated vehicle management systems (VMS), advancing the technologies and opportunities in distant control of unmanned vehicles.

See our key flight deck systems features below, and contact our Electronic Systems director of business development today to learn more.

Our core flight deck system capabilities

  • Audio control and management
  • Caution and warning systems
  • Instrument control and panels and modules
  • Low-cost production through our global manufacturing network
  • Master dim and test
  • Radio tuning

Detection and alerting systems

  • Electronic warning management
  • Ice detection
  • Overspeed warning
  • Pilot alerting
  • Proximity sensing
  • Smoke/fire detection and alerting
  • Stall warning

Our advanced control and monitoring systems

  • Airborne power management
  • Electronic cargo handling and controllers
  • Emergency door power assist system
  • Fuel systems and fuel jettison
  • Hydraulic quality and pressure monitor
  • Ice detection
  • Overspeed warning
  • Pilot alerting
  • Vehicle management systems

Supported aircraft

  • Boeing: 737, 747, 757, 767, 777

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