Commercial Aircraft Solutions

Proactive asset management to extend service life and contain costs in commercial aircraft

BAE Systems takes a nimble, client-centric approach to helping airlines, manufacturers, and MRO partners manage our OEM parts, systems, and support services better throughout the lifecycle. Our asset management programs are designed to help our customers lower costs, accounting flexibility, faster turnaround, and longer in-service use.

How an airline manages its aircraft assets can have a significant impact on the company’ short- and long-term bottom line, as well as each aircraft’s effective lifespan. Due to the sheer volume of parts, systems, and support activities involved plus the aggressive rate of technology changes that make aircraft of any age a challenge to maintain, opportunities to manage assets more productively are often overlooked. These overlooked opportunities could extend equipment lifespans, enhance safety, contain costs, and even protect aircraft residual values throughout your fleet.

That is why BAE Systems offers our customized, proactive aircraft asset management programs to airlines, prime manufacturers, and MRO partners that use our OEM parts. From detailed service and upgrade scheduling to programs that arrange and track part loans, leases, purchases, and exchanges, this multi-faceted service can help any fleet owner upgrade performance, reduce out-of-service losses, resolve interchangeability issues in legacy aircraft, transition their accounting outlays from capital expenditures to more manageable operating expenditures, and more.

EXAMPLE: The Boeing 777 ACE exchange program

Non-interchangeable part numbers 488550-09-01 through 488550-10-01 are now obsolete. This issue can easily be solved by exchanging to 488550-10-02 which resolves fleet interchangeability.

What does this solve?

Over the last 20+ years, the B777 actuator control electronics have experienced component piece part obsolescence and functionality changes through software configuration revisions. This now means:

  • 09-01 and 10-01 ACE LRU part numbers are not interchangeable across your fleet
  • Service bulletins for older configurations can no longer be supported
  • Cost of older original configuration piece parts is driving up repair costs beyond economical repair thresholds

Our solution

We have developed an exchange program for you, to take your fleets and spares inventory to the new fully interchangeable 10-02 ACE standard. This is how it works:

  • You send us your old ACE for a core credit (~60% of the price of a new one)
  • We will deliver you a new 10-02 ACE in exchange for your old unit

The benefits

Not only do you get a new ACE, but will see these additional benefits:

  • A four (4) year warranty for each new exchanged ACE
  • Ability to manage a single part number across your entire fleet
  • Better value than buying used serviceable market, at a lesser configuration, less warranty and making your interchangeability problems persist

Aircraft now supported by our asset management programs

  • Boeing: 737, 737NG, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787

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