Commercial Aircraft Solutions

Advanced Network Solutions

With an increased demand for bandwidth and data storage on modern aircraft, BAE Systems offers a modular and scalable solution that provide the storage and processing requirements needed for modern commercial and military aircraft. Our advanced networks are fiber-optic based solutions that include a network attached storage (NAS) device with expandable memory and a series of network switches that can be adapted for a variety of networking requirements.

Integrated: Our network switches and NAS can be seamlessly integrated into your existing network. We can also work with aircraft manufacturers during the design phase to meet the highest of bandwidth requirements.

Flexible: Our scalable cabin management system offers a family of switches that provide the bandwidth needed to process current and future requirements. It also includes a network attached storage device with removable, expandable memory modules to accommodate future data storage needs.

Reliable: Utilizing fiber optics reduces weight, lowers network complexity, and increases speed. Our equipment is designed to the highest reliability standards. Network monitoring can detect incidents and recover without impacting performance from one central location.

Adaptable: Our fiber-optic based network can be adapted to the needs of a wide variety of platforms for current and future applications:

  • Integrated video network
  • On-board wireless network
  • Flight deck displays
  • Military applications

Network attached storage (NAS): Our NAS device is a high performance server capable of handling the protocol processing associated with high-speed communication, while maintaining data storage and retrieval to and from a solid storage system.

Network switch: Our network switch operates over a high speed Ethernet network to accommodate the high processing needs for on-board connectivity. The Power over Ethernet supported switch allows the crew and control center to monitor network activity aboard the aircraft in real time.