Commercial Aircraft Solutions

IntelliCabin® dynamic LED lighting control

Our lighting control solutions will enhance the passenger experience by offering dynamic LED mood lighting that is tailored to the various phases of flight. We offer airlines three light-weight and highly reliable options: AC-DC light, DC-DC light, and AC-AC light.


  • White and/or colored ceiling and sidewall lighting
  • Color and brightness variations as a function of flight phase, zone, etc.
  • Energy efficient
  • An enhanced passenger experience
  • Improved cabin ambiance
  • Easy integration with our cabin control system
  • Tailorable and customizable to meet the needs of any airline, any platform

Dynamic LED lighting options

Option 1: AC-DC light

  • Uses AC input power at each lighting fixture and DC power to drive the LEDs.
  • Lighting fixture includes AC/DC converter that produces DC power required light fixture functionality.
  • Light engine accepts command from a central controller that enables LEDs to achieve the desired intensity and color.

Option 2: DC-DC light

  • Uses DC input power at each lighting fixture and DC power to drive the LEDs.
  • Power converter resides outside the light and produces the necessary power for more than one fixture.
  • This system architecture reduces the size, power, and cost of the lighting fixtures when compared to AC-DC light.
  • Power converter size and weight can be optimized at the system level.
  • DC-DC light engine is identical to the AC-DC light engine.

Option 3: AC-AC light

  • Uses AC input power to directly drive LED lights.
  • Requires a negligible amount of DC power for control and communication functions.
  • AC power is applied directly to LED lights through a special configuration that can achieve desired intensity and power.
  • A linear current regulator enables control of intensity and color.
  • AC-AC light is the lowest cost, smallest, and lightest of the three options.